Amit "Alter Ego" Nagra tells the story of how Blazetrak helped him get connected with his manager, Chris Woods. Alter Ego has since moved to LA and worked with artists such as Jaden Michaels, Anita McCloud, and Carmen Reece.

Where are you from?

I was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and moved to Toronto at the age of 11. With the recent musical opportunities I’ve been involved with, I am often going back and forth between Toronto and LA.

When did you start producing?

I started producing at the age of 15 after I got introduced to “beat making” by a guest speaker who came to my high school’s creative arts class. It was right then and there that I decided I would become a music producer. As we were quite poor at the time, I didn’t have many resources available, but would still make music on my father's old KORG keyboard, recording my ideas to a Floppy disk. Eventually, I saved enough money to by an old PC and started creating music with the computer program, Reason 2.0.

Who are your main inspirations?

When I first started producing, I loved all of Timbaland's production. His style and creativity really captivated me and I wanted to make catchy music just like he did. Over time, I’ve also been influenced and inspired by Pharrell Williams, Just Blaze, Mark Ronson, Kanye West, Drake, and especially my own father, whose participation in an ethnic band led me to fall in love with music at a very young age.

How did Blazetrak help connect you with Chris Woods?

Before I got involved on Blazetrak, I would constantly be making beats, but I never really showed anyone my production because I wanted to learn as much as I could and perfect my sound before putting it out to the world. When I finally signed up for the platform, Chris Woods interested me because of how he helped shape the careers of producers like Harmony Samuels. When I submitted my music to Chris, he replied a few days later, indicating that he liked my production and was interested in hearing some more. After exchanging emails for a bit, I felt like I needed to physically be alongside Chris and his powerful network, so I quit my job and moved to LA for 3 months.

How has Chris Woods help move your career forward?

When I went to LA to work with Chris, I learned and accomplished more than I had since I started seriously producing 3 years prior. Right away, Chris was already connecting me with big publishing companies like Warner Chappell and amazing songwriters such as Jaden Michael. With the help of Chris Woods, it is now so much easier to get my work to major labels and any artist that I feel would fit well with the music I create. With Chris Woods in my corner, as long as I continue to work hard and learn as much as I can, I truly feel that I will be getting my first major placement within a year.

Who are some songwriters and artists you’ve worked with since connecting with Chris Woods?

I’ve worked with Jaden Michaels (Jennifer Lopez, Carly Rae Jepson, Jordin Sparks, Lea Michele, Naya Rivera, Demi Lovato), Sirah (Skrillex, Demi Lovato), Anita McCloud (Usher, TLC), Asia Whiteacre, Matthew Grant, Kayla Korpics, and Carmen Reece (Ariana Grande, Nathan Sykes, Fifth Harmony, Michelle Williams, Zendaya).

What’s next for AlterEgo?

I just released my first official song under AlterEgo called "WOFBT (Watch Out For Bear Traps)." I produced and arranged the track with the vocals and writing provided by Trevor Ross.

The song is available on itunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and on Youtube here.

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