When you are not just born a REID but have the good fortune of being the namesake heir of one of music industry's most celebrated and decorated executives, in the history of several record labels, then you also have the misfortune of being a book judged by its cover. But I employ you to not do that. REID the fine print.

Antonio M. REID, Jr., born July 27th was seemingly destined to do music or be involved with music one way or the other. His mother used to sing all the time, and the entire family, listened to scores of 60's and 70's music. But of course, after the separation of his parents, it didn't hurt the matters any by his father, Antonio M. REID, Sr, (L.A. REID), sending music related gifts to his young son, on a regular basis. So whether it was by design or destiny, the outcome was the same, Antonio M. REID, Jr. grew up to become a successful music executive and lover of all things creative. So whatever you may have thought before; discard it. REID the fine print.

When Antonio REID, Jr. was in the 9th grade, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia and attended Chattahoochee High School. It wasn't until those formative, high school years that he actually decided to do music. He would go on to start writing, recording and producing at Bobby Brown's studio, which later became the infamous Stankonia Recording Studios, while also simultaneously working at the local YMCA. From the ages of twenty (20) to twenty-three (23), Antonio REID, Jr. started working with a producer, as a writer, and teamed up with Ced Finley, in an effort to get placements.

His mark on the industry really came about when his father, L.A. REID, moved to New York. The younger REID was asked, by his father, to work at his company, HitCo, as an intern. That position would evolve into him becoming the Studio Manager. From that point, Antonio REID, Jr. took the initiative to start bringing in writers, artists and producers to start working with writers signed to HitCo. After noticing his efforts, the late Shakir "Shake" Stewart and Billy Callaway would divide the roster up into three parts; Zeke Lewis, Tab and K-Fam. The development was written but you must REID in fine print.

But his claim to fame came with Usher's worldwide hit, 'YEAH', which in its infancy stages was a track that would seemingly pit father's creative opinions against son's. The former, who was not a believer of the record, and the latter who had all the belief and passion in this music creation, afforded to him via his DNA. He went so far as to go to the office of then record executive, Karen Kwak, and call Usher, who initially wasn’t on the record either.


Currently Managing a Producer team called The Loopholes who have produced songs for Lil Wayne, Future, Moneybagg Yo, Wiz Khalifa, Torey Lanez and many more.

Discovered Janelle Monae

Has worked with Usher, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Outkast, Ciara, Lil Jon and many more