Jazz Singh (born Jaswinder Singh on July 12, 1986) is a certified Canadian music producer. His family moved from India and immigrated to Canada when he was very young. Most of his life, he grew up in a small town called Barrie, just north of Toronto. "It was hard for me to grow up as the only brown kid in my neighborhood and I always felt left out because the kids at my school would always make me feel different." As a child Jazz developed a taste for music being exposed to South-Asian music by his mother who would often play a lot of old Bollywood songs at home. Growing up, Jazz paid more attention to the music in films, rather than the films themselves. He started to notice the different "feels" music had during a sad scene and the value of high strings during a horror movie. The more films he saw, the more he had an understanding and appreciation for orchestrated music. Hans Zimmer ended up being his favorite composer as far as film scoring goes. As far as he could remember, Jazz has always enjoyed watching Japanese anime shows such as Dragon Ball and One Piece. Still a fan, he respects how well the musical orchestration brings the fighting scenes to life. Throughout his teenage life Jazz mainly listened to rock (Deftones, Minus Driver), hip hop and r&b music.

Jazz first starting making beats during his senior year in high school. He started off using programs such as Fruity Loops 5 and Sound Forge. He met up with Boi-1da, a talented producer from Toronto who started mentoring him and sharing his knowledge on beat making. Through Boi-1da he also met T-Minus who helped Jazz with his R&B side. "T. Williams and Boi-1da have taken the time to mentor me and develop my production. Without these two individuals I would not be where I am today as a producer and as a human being." In 2005 Jazz attended Georgian College to study becoming a Computer Systems Technician. He found studying computers to be bit too easy and switched schools to pursue his dream to become a music producer. In 2006-2007 Jazz entered Harris Music Institute for the Arts where he received his diploma in production/engineering. Through Harris, Jazz became familiar with Pro Tools and has since then incorporated it into his music production.

In addition to music production, Jazz also enjoys basketball, football, working out and watching Japanese anime. In his spare time he analyzes and listens to music, practices the piano, watches movies and plays video games. Some of his favorite producers in the music industry include Timbaland, Dr Dre, Bryan-Michael Cox, Tricky Stewart, Ryan Leslie and Just Blaze. With a passion for music, Jazz continues to spread his beats throughout Canada and all over the world. Producing mainly hip hop, pop, r&b, rap, and rock sounds, he is always looking to produce music for the future or ahead of the curve; creating sounds that no one has ever heard before.

After starting to compose music a little more seriously Jazz came up with the idea to put out his first compilation album. Initially he started seeking artists and recording for the album in late 2008. Fourth quarter 2009, his first album was released. Jazzfeezy Presents: Unveiling the Rapture. Often asked what music means to him or what he thinks when he is creating music. He answers it with Charles Dickens definition of rapture. "Ecstasy: a state of being carried away by overwhelming emotion; listening to sweet music in a perfect rapture"