King Solomon Logan, labeled at birth for greatness, was born into a lifestyle far from that of royalty…

Born and raised in West Dallas, King's early years were less than glamorous to say the least as he endured a childhood of poverty and abuse. At age 12, while most children were out playing or riding bicycles after school, King had to learn to swallow his pride as he often had the grueling task of searching through restaurant dumpsters in hopes of salvaging dinner for himself and his mother. In fact, Christmas, King recalls, was always the darkest, most depressing time of year--spent alone and miserable without family, food, or gifts.

King's teenage years weren't much better. Homeless by age 16, King spent countless nights sheltered in dark, damp abandoned buildings and cars. And soon, King would find himself engulfed by the streets where years of gang banging, drug dealing, and hustling seemed to be an inevitable way of life. But with all the odds stacked against him, King was determined to break the chains of hopelessness and soon music would be his escape!

In August 2005, King met Cheryl Banks, an aspiring entertainment manager from New Orleans who happened to be in Dallas for a visit. Impressed by his creativity and drive, she wrote King's contact info on the back of a business card, stuck it in the pocket of her favorite jeans and promised to keep in touch...

One week later, a catastrophic disaster—hurricane Katrina—swept through New Orleans forcing Cheryl to evacuate to Dallas with little more than the clothes on her back. After getting settled with family, she emptied the contents of her pockets, finding only ten dollars and a crumpled up business card with King's contact information written on back. Compelled by destiny's hint, Cheryl was relentless and finally convinced her brother Rick Frazier, VP of Mosley Music Group, to meet this ultra-talented, underground producer she'd discovered and the rest is history in the making!

King was soon granted an opportunity of a lifetime. After being welcomed onto Timbaland's elite production team, King vastly became one the industry's most prominent new producers. His very first project under Timbaland's umbrella-- "Ice Box" (Omarion's 21)--became a hit single and found enormous radio success earning the #12 position on Billboard's Hot 100 charts where it was a mainstay for over 1 year! The song quickly generated over 100,000 radio spins, fostered more than 15 remixes (including its most popular featuring Usher), and was honored by ASCAP as being the most performed Pop song of 2007. In 2009, the single "Slow Dance" (Keri Hilson's In a Perfect World)—quickly became a fan favorite and helped catapult the album to RIAA certified Gold status!

Often referred to as a musical juggernaut, King's multi-faceted production abilities transcend all genres of music. He has had the humbling and distinct privilege of working along-side a vast number of Pop, R&B, Rock and Hip-Hop artists including Justin Timberlake, Omarion, Chris Carnell, 3 Six Mafia, Ashley Simpson, Bobby Valentino, and Mario to name a few. King is on a mission to exceed the bounds mediocrity working hard to attain the success he so sincerely desires.

As President of Royal Court Music Productions, King's latest venture involves seeking out and developing aspiring new talent, including artists, writers, dancers, and producers, using the gifts he's been given as a tool to help others realize their dreams!

When asked how he feels about the new direction of his life and career, King's heart felt response is: "I was given a second chance at life that I probably didn't even deserve. Of course becoming a millionaire or being famous would be great and I really hope to achieve that status some day, but not for the superficial reasons. My greatest desire is to make sure that my children have the life I wasn't able to have. Awards and recognition are nice, but the greatest reward is when my son hears my music and tells me how proud he is that I'm his dad." "I'm just grateful to Timbaland for being my mentor and my friend, constantly encouraging me to be the best; and to everyone that believed in me; but mostly, I'm grateful to God because I know that all of this is only a result of his grace and favor. For that reason, I am forever grateful and I'll never take this gift for granted."


Outta My Head (Ay ya ya) Ashley Simpson (Bittersweet World – Geffen; Released 2008 {Single})
Bittersweet World Ashley Simpson (Bittersweet World – Geffen; Release Date TBD)
Murder Ashley Simpson (Bittersweet World – Geffen; Release Date TBD)
Rag Doll Ashley Simpson (Bittersweet World – Geffen; Release Date TBD)
What I’ve Become Ashley Simpson (Bittersweet World – Geffen; Release Date TBD)
Rule Breaker Ashley Simpson (Bittersweet World – Geffen; Release Date TBD)
Get Me Body Remix Beyonce feat. Fabulous (Get Me Body Official Remix – Sony/BMG; Released 2007)
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Rearview Bobby Valentino (Special Occasion – DTP/Def Jam; Released 2007)
No Definition Mario (Go – J Records; Released 2007)
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Beg For It Omarion (21 – Sony/BMG; Released 2006)
Cut Off Time Omarion (Feel The Noise Feature Film Soundtrack – Sony/BMG; Released 2007)
Get The Feeling The Dey (The D.E.Y Has Come EP – Sony; Released 2007)
Slow Dance Keri Hilson (In A Perfect World—Interscope; Released 2009 {Single})