Originally from Queens, New York. Moved to Los Angeles when I was 17. In 2013 I attended the music business program at Musicians Institute in Hollywood. While at Musicians Institute I interned for Grammy Award winning producer Om’Mas Keith which is where I got to experience industry level sessions for the first time. In 2015 I interned for Grammy Award winning producer Hit-Boy and HS87. It was there I really trained my ear. Early fall of 2016 I began my internship at Atlantic Records. During my time as an intern I became the studio manager for one of our studios. I began building relationships with artists, writers and producers. Not long after I began to set up writing sessions and bringing in new artists for the label to consider for signing. In March of 2018 I was promoted to Jr. A&R working under Dallas Martin (SVP, Urban A&R) and Shawn Barron (VP, Urban A&R). I no longer manage the studio but much of my duties remain the same. I’m always in search of new artists, writers and producers while regularly bringing in writers and producers I’ve already established a relationship with. I still put sessions together to submit records and/or hooks that one of our A&R’s in the Urban department.