Connecting with your favorite music industry professional, submitting your material to receive a video response, and building your personal network are just a few ways to use Blazetrak!

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Step 1: Sign Up

Signing up on Blazetrak is super easy! All you have to do is click sign up from the home page and tell us a little bit about yourself. Also, sorry, you must be 13 to sign up.

Step 3: Search

Search for music industry professionals or opportunites. Be sure to use the search filter to suit your needs. We have tons of professionals that are actively looking to connect with you!

Step 2: Sign In

Now that you have signed up, sign into your private account. Just upload a pic, come up with a quick fun bio, and fill out the other fields as you would like!

Step 4: Submit

Submit material (audio clips, video clips, images, or documents) to a professional using Blazetrak credits. Credits may be purchased in your account. You will receive a VIDEO response and an optional star rating directly from the pro! If you don't receive your response within 30 days, your credits will be returned to your account. It's that simple!