The word “blaze” means to set aflame, create light, or drive change. The word “trak” is a phonetic spelling of the word “track” interpreted as a path, journey, or musical composition. Blazetrak's mission is "to enlighten and accelerate the path between unconnected music enthusiasts."

The Executives

Nathaniel Casey

Chief Executive Officer

Corey Stanford

Chief Visionary Officer

Ronald Harrison

Chief Sales Officer

The Team

David Gray

Director of Support

Hari Kuppuraj

Chief Developer

Alyson Roy

Publicist, AMP3 PR

The Advisory Board

Andrew Fromm, Fromm Consulting LLC
Candice Cook, Ca-Co Global Inc.
Cheryl Joyner, Blazetrak, LLC
James Andrews,
Natalie Cofield, NMC Consulting Group