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Kayla D

Rooted in r&b/hip-hop genres, Kayla D also has a spot for pop, rock, folk, and even country in her future. There are no bounds to creativity when it comes to the art of music. She is ready and willing to work with professionals and hear what feedback and opportunities they have to offer. Check out ksweetishere.com for more info and music.

Karim .

You know it's no joke when Stevie Wonder asks another singer, "You trynna' steal my job son?" This is the very question Stevie asked singer and songwriter Karim (Ka-reem) after Karim performed Stevie's 'Superstition' for him. As a 2013 X Factor USA contestant, Karim received a unanimous "yes" from judges Simon Cowell, Kelly Rowland, and Demi Lovato. He has also garnered a large social media following centered around short 15 second videos that he uploads of himself singing in his shower each Friday. His videos have garnered over 100,000 Instagram subscribers, and over 3 million youtube views.

Marc Gluecks

"Marc (Reflectionz) is a music producer from Berlin/Germany. He worked with several big names in the german music industry and is now working on getting some international placements by submitting to various professionals on Blazetrak. - 21 years old - started producing at 17 - produced on two top ten albums and one top 20 album in Germany - first release when I was 19 years old (18th place on german media control charts) - already worked with professional Jazz Feezy.

dontee hubbard

I'm originally from San Bernardino California, lived there till my early teens before moving to Hamilton Ohio, I've been rapping since the age of 14. My biggest influences were Dr.Dre and Snoop, Pac, Nas, Big, and Jay-z. During my music career I have featured on mixtapes with the legendary Dj Ron G, Head Debiase of the Apphiliates, and Dj Ace of South Top Dawg Dj's who is now the tour Dj for Waka Flocka Flame, I'm well known in my city and a lot of people have faith that I am headed to the top.

Some of Our Featured Pros

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